On 24 May 2024 in Warsaw psychotraumatologist Izabela Trybus and barrister Aleksandra Nędzi-Marek of the Polish Center for Torture Survivors (pcts.org.pl) attended a 5-hour long hearing of a tortured person who gave their testimony in Polish State Prosecutor’s Office. 

The testimony was prepared and taken in a pioneer way according to international legal and mental health standards. The experience allowed us to work out an internal protocol in such cases and hold an internal workshop in this regard. 

We are grateful to Polish authorities for their openness to cooperation. 

Our center represents the interests of war crimes’ survivor from the territory of Ukraine while they give their testimony as witnesses before Polish Prosecution and beyond. We train specialists in this regard.

The Foundation Polish Center for Torture Survivors represents the approach of holistic support to survivors of war crimes, including #torture and #conflictrelatedsexualviolence 

As mental health and legal specialists, along with Wiola Rębecka and Izabela Trybus  we represent #traumacenteredapproach #traumainformed lawyering and #survivorcentered approach to work with survivors. 

Our work this year and spreading our Center’s expertise is possible thanks to the grant of Minority Rights Group: https://minorityrights.org/europe/ 

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